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The Impact of Humber's COI Network

The COI Network helps students succeed by giving them the opportunity to use and apply skills and knowledge they have learned in class in the real world, and the chance to master cutting-edge technologies and the latest processes used in industries. We also help students become entrepreneurs by giving them tools and resources to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Read the Impact Report for an overview of initiatives and success with students, faculty and industry and community partners.

Innovation Ecosystem

Our COI Network will bridge the gap between innovation and application, concepts and commercialization.

Several best-in-class buildings will strengthen our innovation ecosystem, providing flexible, technology-enabled spaces for exploring, learning, making and knowledge-sharing.

Our Network

The Centres of Innovation

By the end of 2022, all five Centres in our Network will be fully launched, bringing together students, faculty members, and industry and community partners to supercharge innovation at Humber through collaboration. Each of our COIs has a different focus area, drawing on the expertise and resources Humber has to offer in five different areas to give everyone the room to succeed.


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Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (Barrett CTI)

At the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (Barrett CTI), students hone the skills they will need for the jobs of tomorrow, and businesses revolutionize their operations by experimenting with cutting-edge technologies. With advanced technology changing the way we work and live every day, the Barrett CTI brings people together entrepreneurs, SMEs, established companies, students and faculty members to grow and prosper by developing human-centred, technology-enabled solutions for businesses and communities.

Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI)

The Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI) encourages students and partners to think creatively and work collaboratively to drive innovation, applying outside-the-box ideas to solve stubborn problems. The CCBI provides a supportive, low-risk environment where businesses can bring their projects and collaborate with experienced advisors and professionals to solve problems, test concepts, improve user experiences and commercialize new products—or support social innovation to improve lives and help communities thrive.

Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship (Longo CfE)

As our most established COI, the Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship (Longo CfE) has supported Humber students, faculty members, staff, alumni, and partners who want to explore the world of entrepreneurship for over three decades. No matter your passion, interest, or previous entrepreneurial experience, Longo CfE has specialized experiential learning opportunities that will stimulate new ways of thinking and support your unique goals. They add a unique contribution to the COI Network, providing interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities for students to become innovative and strategic problem solvers.

Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness (CIHW)

The Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness (CIHW) launched at the end of 2021. The CIHW aims to create a better, more equitable, and more inclusive healthcare system. By bringing together students, faculty members, healthcare experts, community organizations and industry partners, not to mention the other COIs in our Network, CIHW will propose new ideas and develop new technology to transform the healthcare system and bring that vision closer to reality.

Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)

The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) completes the COI Network and is scheduled to launch in 2022. The group working to refine the CSI’s mandate has determined employment, education and training, reducing inequality, fighting poverty, building better housing, improving food security, and promoting good health and wellbeing are all areas in which Humber students and faculty members want to make a difference. Once the CSI’s mandate is finalized and their director is appointed, they will work with the rest of the COI Network and the broader Humber community to tackle social problems both in our local community and around the world.