Centre for Creative Business Innovation

Interlocked colour rings with text Humber Centres of InnovationThe Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI) encourages creative collaboration, applied research and project-based learning. An invaluable resource for companies and communities, the CCBI brings together interdisciplinary teams of students, faculty and industry or community partners to solve complex, real-world problems. By working closely with industry professionals, Humber students gain the professional skills, entrepreneurial attitudes and innovation literacy that will accelerate their career success.

This vibrant, multi-faceted facility will be located within the Cultural Hub.

The CCBI stimulates creativity-driven innovation and supports creative and other industries in developing new products, services, creative content and distribution platforms. The team is already making an impact through many active projects and partnerships.

The CCBI is part of an exciting, innovation network at Humber that mobilizes the power of creative ideas, advanced technologies and entrepreneurial thinking to help businesses and communities prosper. Humber's Centre of Innovation Network takes problem solving to the next level by bringing together talented people with the insight, imagination and skills to put ideas into action. COI teams examine challenges from many different angles, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and industry expertise to disrupt traditional thinking and design creative, user-centred solutions.

Humber's COIs are focused in five areas of proven strength and industry sector growth:

  • Technology Innovation - fostering Industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing and digital media technologies
  • Creative Business Innovation - harnessing the creative power of media and the arts to boost business productivity
  • Health and Wellness - designing and evaluating new models of teaching and health services delivery to benefit students and the broader community
  • Entrepreneurship - promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary thinking to students and alumni
  • Social Innovation - addressing community issues at local, national and global levels through collaboration, fresh approaches and new technologies


Contact us at CCBI@humber.ca

Photo of Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer Gordon, Director,
Centre for Creative Business Innovation

Photo of Casey Norris

Casey Norris, Project Lead,
Centre for Creative Business Innovation

Photo of Kyla Ross

Kyla Ross, Project Manager,
Centre for Creative Business Innovation