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What the CIHW Offers Faculty

Research and Collaboration

CIHW supports faculty members at Humber with opportunities to engage through:

  • Capstone projects
  • Innovative applied research opportunities
  • Collaborative projects with industry partners to address local and global health issues

Faculty members act as project leads and subject matter experts while mentoring students to gain new skills and become career ready. CIHW is committed to working with faculty to solve today's challenges for a better tomorrow through innovative research and programming.

Applied Research

CIHW ‘s key areas of focus include - mental health, health equity and chronic disease prevention and management. If you are a business, community organization and interested in applied research in the above areas, connect with us.


We offer virtual and in-person guided mindfulness meditation sessions to all members of the Humber community (staff, faculty, and students) throughout the semester. Participants can register into any session(s), choosing in-person or online—which ever works best for them. For more information, please email

Healthy Breaks@Humber

This is an initiative that involves taking a short 10-minute break during the workday, in the middle of a meeting or class to refresh the body and mind. A healthy break can be taken through Movement (stretching) or Mindfulness (guided meditation). To book a session please email us with your date, time and location of where you would like it to take place!

Wellness Coaching

In the winter term each year, CIHW offers a free Wellness Coaching Program to front line health care workers in community health organizations. Led by the students in Humber's Wellness Coaching Graduate Program and using a strengths-based and non-judgmental approach, Wellness coaches support individuals with identification and implementation of specific goals related to physical, social, mental, emotional or relational wellness.

If you are a community health organization and would like to provide this program to your staff, contact us.


"The Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness has gone above and beyond in all collaborations and partnerships. The amazing team at CIHW has delivered programming and contributed to course delivery, assessment, and student engagement that has made a significant impact on our student's learning experience at Humber!"
- J.A.
“It was a pleasure working with CIHW and be a part of the innovative collaboration partnerships. Tackling complex health care issues involves a team beyond a singular discipline but requires new innovative approaches across the communities of practice. Witnessing the energy and creative work of the students was absolutely refreshing."
- N.F.
"I would love Wellness Coaching to become a part of Humber culture. I think some people don't realize or take seriously enough the value of productivity and well-being that a wellness coach can provide."
- Anonymous

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