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What the CIHW Offers Students

Learning Opportunities

CIHW engages with students in multiple ways including:

  • Opportunities for capstone projects as part of their academic programs
  • Engaging in innovative applied research with faculty and industry partners
  • Placement hours with work integrated learning
  • Participating and volunteering in interdisciplinary health and wellness initiatives


We offer virtual and in-person guided mindfulness meditation sessions to all members of the Humber community (staff, faculty, and students) throughout the semester. Participants can register into any session(s), choosing in-person or online—which ever works best for them. For more information, please email

Healthy Breaks@Humber

This is an initiative that involves taking a short 10-minute break during the workday, in the middle of a meeting or class to refresh the body and mind. A healthy break can be taken through Movement (stretching) or Mindfulness (guided meditation). To book a session please email us with your date, time and location of where you would like it to take place!

Health Innovation Challenge Winners

In collaboration with the Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship and LAMP Community Health Centre, CIHW challenged interdisciplinary teams to come up with innovative ways to change people’s health behaviours and knowledge for preventing or managing Type 2 Diabetes.

1st Place: Step It Up

Yan Wing Pang, Web Development Graduate Certificate
Winnie Leung, Multimedia Design and Development Diploma
Mariana Ferreira, Food and Nutrition Management Diploma
Ivy Liao, Cosmetic Management Diploma
Gurjinder Randhawa, Bachelor of Health Sciences – Workplace Health and Wellness

A walking challenge campaign called Step It Up operated through a mobile app which updates campaign status (steps) and offers professional health tips. The app provides two modes of participation and rewards participants who complete 7000 daily steps.

2nd Place: Doc Box

Tamara Middleton, Early Childhood Studies (UGH)
Johnattan Ramcharran, Electrical Engineering Technology
Alexandra Ellison, Media and Communications Studies (UGH)
Danielle Hemmings, Bachelor of Commerce: Healthcare Management
Jeneen Richards, Bachelor of Commerce: Digital Business Management
Chantay Thorpe, Bachelor of Commerce: Digital Business Management

An interactive and free resource toolkit for preventing and managing type 2 diabetes in underserviced areas. The toolkit provides preventative and management strategies and serves areas and people in need.

3rd Place: Peer Mentorship Program

Jennifer Lee, Wellness Coaching Graduate Certificate program
Harsimran Kaur, Bachelor of Health Sciences – Workplace Health and Wellness

A budget-friendly peer mentorship program that's accessible to everyone including people with diabetes and their support networks.

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"Working with the Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness was an incredibly rewarding experience that helped me grow my professional connections, conduct research on real-world issues, and build up key skills like communication and collaboration."
- Angel Young, CIHW WIL student
“I was part of the Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness (CIHW) as a Research Analyst Intern. The projects were designed in such a way that 12 weeks of my internship period allowed me to understand about health innovation, gaps and demands in the health and wellness sector. I used new research technologies along with my existing knowledge of traditional research methods, tools in writing and application for Research Ethics Board and Grant Funding. Staff at the CIHW were incredibly helpful, and the experience allowed me to apply the research skills I have gained throughout my academic career towards a meaningful project."
- Aafrin, CIHW WIL Student.
"The Health Innovation Challenge enabled me to work with a diverse set of backgrounds, developing meaningful solutions to prevent and manage diabetes. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and experience I gained in entrepreneurship, teamwork and problem-solving and am excited for what is to come."
- Chantay Thorpe, CIHW Health Innovation Challenge Participant
"The Health Innovation Challenge taught our team so much; from increasing our knowledge on diabetes to improving our skills in teamwork and research. Coming out with the win was unexpected, but we are so happy to have our hard work recognized and appreciated."
- Team ‘Step It Up’, CIHW Health Innovation Challenge Team

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