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Business Case Basics

Micro-credential Overview

The Business Case Basics Micro-credential helps learners with the tools and skills to strategically analyze a proposed project or initiative and create an assessment of the costs, benefits, risks, and other considerations associated with the project. Participants learn the four steps of decision-making, understand how to use appropriate financial and operational metrics, and practice writing conclusions that follow from forecasting and risk assessment. Working through a practice case study, learners gain the confidence to put forth a thoughtful and persuasive business case.

Length: 16 hours

Competency Achieved

Learners will receive a digital badge upon successful course completion.

Successful completion of the Business Case Basics micro-credential demonstrates the earner can create a business case that displays clear purpose, structure, evaluation of options and an informed recommendation.

Business Case Basics micro-credential digital badge

Module 1:
Purpose, Structure and Problem Definition

  • Apply the pyramid-of-writing concept to a business case
  • Approach a business case using the 4 steps of decision-making
  • Identify the problem a business case is intended to solve for
  • Capture highlights of background information for use in a business case

Module 2:
Identifying Options

  • Identify the decision drivers around which the comparison of options will revolve
  • Define the success of a business case in terms of summarizing what stakeholders are expecting from a case
  • Identify options that should be considered as possible solutions

Module 3:
Comparing Options

  • Determine appropriate financial and operational metrics for use in comparing choices
  • Compare different options for forecasting their pros and cons
  • Identify risks that, if they were to occur, would alter the forecasts of pros and cons
  • Write conclusions that follow from the forecasting and related risks

Module 4:
Writing a Recommendation

  • Write a recommendation in support of the best option
  • Explain the reasoning behind the recommended choice
  • Describe the steps to be taken if the recommended choice is accepted
  • Prepare an executive summary

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