By following barrier-free design principles and accessibility best practices, the Cultural Hub will create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities to be full participants in the opportunities and experiences within the building.

Designed to meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Building Code, as well as Humber's enhanced accessibility standards, people with disabilities will be able to access everything the Cultural Hub has to offer. All performance venues, both indoors and outdoors, will also include audience spaces for people with wheelchairs or mobility issues and will be equipped to support people with visual and hearing impairments. Wheelchair access will be designed into the performance stages to accommodate artists and audience members with disabilities.

By leveraging advanced technologies and systems the Cultural Hub can lead in delivering hybrid performances. Hybrid models would help redefine accessible performances by reaching to individuals who may be restricted to their home, bringing them culturally-appropriate performances and/or allowing them to connect directly with religious or multicultural groups from whom they would otherwise be geographically restricted.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the HCH will be welcoming and attractive for seniors. A significant thought was given to the concept of accessibility as it pertains to broader mobility issues. The building design will enable access to the arts for elderly individuals who may have pace of life and/or parking concerns precluding them from attending events in certain downtown venues.