World-class Performance and Event Spaces

The Humber Cultural Hub will feature technology-rich performance and production spaces, including a 500-seat Performance Hall, as well as a 140-seat Recital Hall and professional-quality music, film, TV, multimedia equipment and training facilities.

The new facilities will increase Humber’s and the community’s performance and production capacity in an underserved area of the city creating new opportunities for Canadians to experience and participate in arts and culture in world-class facilities.

Performance Hall

Humber’s new 500-seat Performance Hall is designed for immersive experiences, and purpose-built for acoustical and technical quality and artistic flexibility to present a single performance to large ensembles; as well as dance and theatre productions; guest lectures; industry and multimedia presentations; film screenings; and complex, multi-disciplinary, non-traditional shows.

Featuring Unique and State-of-the-Art Technology

  • Projection Mapping Technology: allows for projected images to fit perfectly on irregular-shaped surfaces to create engaging and exciting immersive experiences.
  • Biometrics for Usability: Building on our expertise in usability, the performance hall will feature unique technology, such as eye-tracking and facial recognition to measure audience reactions to the performances, as well as creative content for business/marketing purposes.
  • Recording Capabilities: Linked to the Gordon Wragg Recording Studio through fibre optic, the Hall will allow for high-quality live recordings.
  • Dolby Atmos Surround System: a state-of-the-art system that will further enhance the Hall’s capabilities to create collective immersive experiences.
  • Video Cameras: to capture and stream performances and events. 

This venue will transform the academic experience of our students while providing the community opportunities for use, as well as to enjoy engaging artistic performances.

Positioned on the west side of the new building, the Hall is includes a coat check, public washrooms and concession bar. Backstage areas include large dressing rooms, a green room and equipment storage. Technical areas are designed as teaching spaces, being large enough to accommodate a typical class size. The Hall will be completed in 2024 in phase two of the project.

Recital Hall

Recital hall with chairs for musicians and a grand piano

The Recital Hall is an intimate performance venue that offers the flexibility to support the varied and multipurpose requirements of student learning, training, practice, and performance, and will be the heart of Humber’s Music programs.

The Recital Hall will be a heavily used rehearsal space for students to work closely with faculty and practise their performances and musicianship. It will also be a space where students will work with Artists-in-Residence.

This 140-seat room will feature acoustic and technology standards matching top industry performance venues. Humber Music has never had an acoustically designed performance venue. This space will give students the opportunity to practise in a professional-level venue with high-quality acoustics. 

Other Spaces

The large, light-filled atrium, outdoor gathering spaces and amphitheatre will provide ideal venues for community-based activities, such as Culture Days and Doors Open Toronto, and other marquee events that increase public awareness and engagement with arts and culture.