Green plant with text 2020 Canada's Greenest EmployersThe Humber Cultural Hub project will be one of the most sustainable developments in the country and a showcase for global best practices in sustainability and energy efficiency. It will be designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification, Net Zero Carbon targets and the Toronto Green Standard.

Humber is adopting a passive design approach that uses the building architecture to maximize occupant comfort and minimize energy use. Environmental goals will be achieved through state-of-the-art, automated and highly efficient building systems including HVAC, lighting and water management systems.

A high-performance building envelope will reduce heating costs and the strategic use of glazing and shading will control solar heat gain and loss. The building design will also make efficient use of the land to create a compact infrastructure that will support more students with lower operating and maintenance costs, improve internal circulation and enhance connectivity to the surrounding communities and historical parklands.

The building will also be a “living laboratory” for instructing students in sustainable construction practices and efficient operation. Leveraging the many visible sustainability elements on the interior and exterior of the building, students will work with faculty on multi-disciplinary teams to design and test innovative ideas and solutions to real-world sustainability issues, preparing them to shape the future of sustainability.