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Scholarships & Bursaries

Find out about scholarships and bursaries that can help cover your costs at Humber.

Application-Based Scholarships

Humber offers hundreds of different types of scholarships recognizing academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, volunteer services, and in some cases, to help with financial need. For more information about scholarships that may assist you with the costs of your post-secondary education, visit Student Scholarships.

Entrance Scholarships

To recognize academic achievement, Humber offers Degree Entrance and Degree Transfer Scholarships. These scholarships are automatically awarded based on academic average or credential completion.

Degree Entrance Scholarships

Humber awards degree scholarships automatically to graduating high school students based on academic achievement. See the following chart for details. Some of the scholarships are renewable each year if you maintain an average of 80 per cent or more.

Degree Entrance Scholarship Average Requirement

95%+ $4,000 renewable
90 - 94.9% $3,500 renewable
85 - 89.9%  $3,000 renewable
80 - 84.9% $2,000 renewable
75 - 79.9% $1,500 one time
Degree Transfer Scholarships ($1,500 - $2,500)

Humber automatically awards degree transfer scholarships to students entering any Humber degree program who have completed a one-year Ontario college certificate* or a two- or three-year diploma with a GPA of 80 per cent or more from a publicly-funded college. Students who have achieved a program GPA of 80 per cent or more will be awarded a one-time scholarship of $1,500 for a certificate program or $2,500 for a diploma program in recognition of their academic achievement. Certificates and diplomas do not have to be related to the degree program of choice and are not tied to the eligibility for advanced standing or transfer credit. No application is required.

80%+ Certificate $1,500
One Time 80%+ Diploma $2,500

*Certificates do not include Ontario Graduate Certificates, Certificates of Achievement or Certificates of Completion.


Humber is dedicated to providing you with a number of bursaries to successfully pursue your education while managing your finances. Bursaries are available for Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs and are awarded primarily based on financial need, although academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and community involvement may all be considered.

Humber offers several different types of bursaries. Information about each of them is included below:

Tuition bursaries are non-repayable funds awarded to eligible new and returning domestic students who demonstrate financial need. The value of the bursary awarded is specific to the student's program of study and credential:

Credential Amount
Diplomas $500
Ontario Graduate Certificates $750
Degrees $1,000

*Note: Ontario College Certificates, Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Completion are not eligible for tuition bursary application.

Apply Early! The application deadline dates are:

Term Open Close/Deadline
Fall 2024 July 8 Aug 16
Winter 2025 Nov 4 Dec 13
Summer 2025 Mar 3 Apr 11

To apply for a Tuition Bursary, you must complete the Interactive Budget Calculator online:

  • Log in to MyHumber
  • Select Student Awards and Financial Aid
  • Select Apply for Student Aid
  • Select Aid Year and Aid Period (e.g. 2024-2025 > Fall)


  • You can submit one Tuition Bursary application per academic year. Once you have submitted the application, no changes can be made and you cannot reapply in the same academic year.
  • You must ensure you submit a well-planned budget based on an accurate estimate of your income, savings and expenses for the semester (e.g. September to December).
  • If all available Tuition Bursary funding has been awarded before the deadline date, bursary applications will be closed for the term.

For step-by-step instructions, review the Quick Reference Guide: How to Apply for Student Aid >

Questions can be emailed to:

Financial Need Bursaries are available if you have a proven financial need. They are awarded on an individual basis upon consideration of expenses, income, family support, part-time employment opportunities, academic standing, and personal circumstances.

Students who wish to determine if they are eligible for a Financial Aid bursary should see a Financial Aid Advisor.

Ontario First Generation Bursaries are for students with a proven financial need and who are the first in their families to attend post secondary education. Application is by invitation only (usually in February of each year). First Generation students are identified by Humber through the Humber Student Success Survey (HSSS) and OCAS.

Student Access Guarantee Bursaries are available to OSAP students only whose tuition is over $4,500 and have an “unmet need” under the OSAP program based on tuition and book costs as identified by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. This is an automatic process and a cheque will be issued to those students who meet the criteria, generally distributed at the start of the second semester. Eligible students will be notified by the Financial Aid office.

Humber College is pleased to offer a Global Learning Bursary to assist students completing a global learning experience (academic study, field placement, or work term) as approved by Humber. This bursary will provide eligible students with financial support for a specific period of academic experience outside of Canada.

For more information about eligibility and how to apply, please review the Global Learning Bursary Application Form.