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Humber faculty have a long tradition of conducting global study tours, helping students to learn about the world from entirely new perspectives.

Study tours typically run for 2-3 weeks and offer you the incredible opportunity step outside the walls of a traditional classroom and experience a subject firsthand under the guidance of Humber faculty. For students who have limited travel experience, study tours can be a good way to begin a safe and supervised setting.



Academic SchoolContactEmail
  • School of Applied Technology
Elizabeth Fenuta, Professor and International Initiatives
  • School of Creative and Performing Arts
Erika Heitler, Administrative Assistant
  • School of Health Sciences
Mutiara Samosir, International Coordinator
  • School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
Judy Hebner, Program Coordinator, Study Abroad
  • School of Media Studies and Information Technology
Aimee Ferre, Study Abroad and Placement Assistant
  • School of Social and Community Services
Stephanie Byer, Administrative Assistant
  • The Business School
Kathleen Meagher, International Coordinator 
  • General 
Ashley Tinoco, International Mobility Coordinator

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    “Be brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Paulo Coelho