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Ready to take your learning experience to the next level, or the next continent? Imagine studying abroad for 2-4 weeks this summer, learning about yourself and the world while earning academic credits or Co-Curricular Record. This incredible opportunity is for you!

2024 Details Available

What is a Summer Abroad?

Summer Abroad offers students the unique experience to learn abroad while earning Academic Credits or Co-Curricular Record in a condensed format (typically 2 – 4 weeks). Through Summer Abroad, students can register in courses at partner institutions and learn while exploring new places, experiencing new cultures and making new friends from around the world.

Parul University Program video

Watch this video created by Quinton Vass, Bachelor of Film and Media Production student, about his unforgettable experience at Parul University in India.

otago polytechnical - new zealand trip with female student

Watch this video capturing Humber students in New Zealand at Otago Polytechnic for a Summer Global Opportunity.

person standing on a mountain

Watch this video capturing Humber students in Six Nations and Kaua’i, Hawaii for the He Waa He Moku, He Moku He Waa: Our Canoe is Our Island, Our Island is Our Canoe summer program in Hawaii.

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Student Summer Experience

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in summer exchange as a way to broaden my perspectives, make friends in previously unfamiliar places, learn from amazing professors, and experience life in a different country. The summer program was super relevant to what I study in school as a student in the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts. We covered topics like team leadership, creativity management, and global destination branding, which have all informed my understanding and application of concepts into my work and program. I was also able to meet wonderful students who share a passion for travel and learning new things.  One of the highlights of being in Finland in the summertime was the endless sun, walking around a park at midnight like it was only the afternoon."

Bachelor of Creative Advertising
JAMK Summer Global Opportunity Participant

Buildings by a canal in Finland

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What Are The Costs?

Each program will vary in cost, and you can see the different program fees in the outlines below. Please see each program below for a breakdown of the associated costs. For a summer program, you are typically required to cover the cost of the program fee, accommodations - unless otherwise indicated, flights, and general day-to-day expenses while abroad.

What’s Not Included in the Program Fees?

  • Round trip airfare (book your own flights), unless otherwise indicated
  • Accommodation - unless otherwise indicated
  • Activity fees outside those included in the program itinerary
  • Incidentals, spending money, including food
  • Baggage and trip cancellation insurance
  • Students who are not Canadian citizens may be required to apply for an entry visa
  • Humber transfer credit fees ($25.00 per course, upon completion)

Bursary Available!

We really want students to take advantage of this amazing experience. All students are invited to apply for the bursary upon nomination to their summer program. Please check eligibility for the Global Learning Bursary here. The Global Learning Bursary is not intended to cover all costs of the program.

Global Skills Opportunity Logo

Funding is made possible in part to by Global Skills Opportunity, the Government of Canada’s Outbound Student Mobility Pilot Program. For eligible students — specifically Indigenous students, students from low-income backgrounds and those with disabilities, additional funding is available for your experience.

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Am I Eligible?

To be nominated for a Summer Global Opportunity, students must:

  • Be in Good Academic Standing (Diploma/Advanced Diploma: min CGPA of 60%; Degree: min CGPA of 65%);
  • Submit an Application Form, Letter of Intent, and Unofficial Grade Report from MyHumber (more details below)! 

Deadline to Apply: Sunday, February 25, 2024

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How Do I Apply? 

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Step 2: Submit Application and Letter of Intent

The application form will ask you for your first and second choice program. Each application form will request a Letter of Intent. Your answer should be minimum. 400 words and should address at least two of the following:

  • How the summer program will enrich your studies at Humber.
  • How the global opportunity will positively contribute to your personal and professional goals.
  • How you plan to be successful in the courses offered at the host institution.
  • How your global opportunity will help to bring an international/global perspective to Humber.

Academic Standing

All applicants are required to be in Good Academic Standing. Applicants must submit a copy of the unofficial transcript/Academic Progress downloaded or printed from MyHumber at the time of application.

You can access your Grade Report from MyHumber.

What Happens After I Apply?

The Humber Global team will review all applications. All successful candidates nominated for a Summer Program will receive a notification of recommendation at the end of March. This notification will list the host institution you have been recommended to and information regarding next steps which will include (but are not limited to):

  1. Signing a Summer Abroad Learning Agreement by you and your Program Co-ordinator 
  2. Attending a mandatory Pre-Departure Workshop in April, which will cover a variety of essential topics including: cross-cultural adaptation and “culture shock”, health & safety abroad, being a Humber student ambassador, global citizenship, and general travel tips. 
  3. The Global Learning Co-ordinator will assist you to complete your application to the host institution. Visit the Before You Go section of our website for more details on these “next steps” to your journey.

Questions? Visit our Contact page!

COVID-19 and Travel FAQ

The health and safety of the Humber community is our top priority. We are continuously assessing and monitoring the COVID-19 situation. The resumption of travel for our students is not applicable until May 2022 and onward, pending Government of Canada travel restrictions and the restrictions of the host country. Travel outside of Canada regardless of COVID-19 may include enhanced health and safety risks. Successful applicants must agree to abide by all relevant health and safety protocol set by Humber and your host, guided by health authorities in Canada and your destination country. We will prepare you for these protocols through ongoing advising and mandatory pre-departure sessions, as well as support in-country.

If you were to test positive before departure and are unable to board a plane, we would work with you individually to ensure next steps are completed, including cancellation of any bookings, refunds of program fees (where applicable), academic advising, and communicating with our partners.

If you test positive upon arrival, you need to follow the country’s health and safety protocols. We would work with you individually to set up a quarantine location if required, allow for online learning while in quarantine, and access local healthcare if required.

Humber provides insurance for students participating in Summer Programs (depending on duration of stay). Both AIG (for domestic students) and MorCare (for international students) have confirmed that any medical expenses due to a positive COVID-19 case are covered while travelling. Expenses due to testing for COVID-19 (either for travel or other) are not covered. Personal expenses may not be covered – additional insurance for situations like these can be purchased and we will provide students with more details in their pre-departure sessions.

If Humber cancels travel for students for any reason, the program fee will be refunded. If the partner institution cancels for any reason, the program fee will be refunded. This does not include fees for any accommodation bookings and flight bookings, or other incidentals. Please review the cancellation policies for any bookings made outside of the program fee and pick a refundable option.

We completely understand that travel may not be for everyone right now. We have great virtual options for this summer including the Global Systems Gap Challenge and our Intercultural Development Series. If you are looking for an in-person opportunity here in Canada, our Global Summer School might be the perfect fit!

You can contact us anytime at for all your global opportunities questions.

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