Modes of Delivery

Courses at Humber will be delivered in one of these modes of delivery. Here is a summary of each, with links to resources and templates for instructors. Blackboard Ultra is Humber’s official learning management system. Every mode of course delivery has an active Blackboard Ultra site to support students in their learning journey.


In an in-person course, all classes take place on campus to a fixed schedule. Instructors and students interact face-to-face, allowing for immediate feedback, collaboration, and active learning experiences.


A hybrid course combines in-person and online classes with a fixed schedule. Students are required to attend synchronous classes at specific times during the semester, while other course components are delivered asynchronously in Blackboard Ultra

Online Asynchronous 

An online asynchronous course has no fixed class schedule. Students engage with course content and interact with their peers and instructors at their own pace and time within the semester or term of delivery. This format provides flexibility for students to manage their learning independently.

Online Synchronous

An online synchronous course is conducted fully online and follows a fixed schedule. Both instructors and students participate during scheduled, real-time through virtual platforms, allowing for interactive discussions, lectures, and collaborative activities.


A flexible course is delivered on campus, with students having the choice to attend in-person, join remotely in real-time using virtual web-conferencing tools, or engage with recordings of the synchronous sessions and other learning content on their own schedule. This format accommodates student preferences and circumstances while still providing a live learning experience.

Instructors can find resources, templates and guides for lesson planning in each of these modes of delivery in the Teaching Resources section of our website.