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Out of Province Travel Policy

Effective Date: April 13, 2022
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Related Procedure(s): PDF ICON Out of Province Travel Procedure
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It is the goal of the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (hereafter referred to as "Humber" or ''the College") to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy learning and work environment while students and employees are traveling out of province on Humber and curriculum-related learning and business. (Note: Staff travel within the province is covered under the college’s Expense Reimbursement policy and procedure.)


The policy applies to all individual or group travel undertaken by students and employees who are travelling out of province on Humber-sanctioned activities such as those related to curriculum, co-curricular-and business activities.


Academic Lead: The Humber employee who accompanies students on the out-of-province experience.

Immediate Supervisor: The employee’s direct manager.

Out-of-Province Travel: Refers to all travel outside of Ontario, including trips within North America and internationally. Examples may include but are not limited to exchange semesters, study tours, conferences, skills competitions, varsity, and work placements.

Senior Administrator: The most senior manager in the area e.g. Senior Dean, Dean, Director.


1. General

1.1 Planning for any experience that involves travel must begin early in order to ensure that it takes place in an efficient, effective and safe manner.

2. Employee Travel

2.1 All employees, whether travelling individually or with others, must receive approvals for travel including from their immediate supervisor, Senior Administrator and the Senior Vice-President of their area.

2.2 Information on the purpose of international travel will be shared with the International Centre in order to identify potential strategic opportunities in the region of travel and to assist with any emergencies that may take place.

2.3 Following travel, employees are required to submit expenses in accordance with the Expense Reimbursement policy and procedure.

3. Employee-led Student Group Travel

3.1 Prior to an employee/Academic Lead making any commitments, including payments, to students, partners or suppliers (e.g. airlines) the Academic lead for the student experience must receive approval for themselves and for the students from their immediate supervisor, the Senior Administrator and the Senior Vice-President of the area and for international travel risk assessment, the Dean of International or designate.

3.2 The International Centre will arrange insurance for students whether the experience takes place in Canada or overseas. Therefore, upon approval, the employee/academic lead will coordinate with the students and the International Centre to ensure that all logistics for the experience are completed. This includes ensuring there is a record of participant contact information, securing insurance coverage, organization of pre-departure workshops if appropriate etc.

3.3 Employee expenses will be reimbursed according to Humber's Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedure.

3.4 Generally, students will be responsible for all trip and other related costs associated with the activity. Students may apply for the Student Travel Bursary for financial aid to support their Humber-sanctioned travel activity.

4. Students Travelling Independently for Credit

4.1 Students travelling out of the province on a Humber-sanctioned program for study or work, without the accompaniment of a Humber employee, will be responsible for:

4.1.1 Researching the destination, including any travel advisories that may be in effect.

4.1.2 Completing a personal risk analysis.

4.1.3 Obtaining approvals from the appropriate program from the coordinator/Associate Dean, Work Placement Manager and/or the Senior Administrator of the area.

4.1.4 Registering with the International Centre.

4.1.5 Securing the proper study/work/residence visa or permit to allow them to visit, study and/or work in the host country.

4.1.6 All expenses (students may apply for the Student Travel Bursary for financial aid).

4.2 The International Office is available to advise students on the above elements.

5. Insurance

5.1 Employees and students travelling for College-sanctioned activities must be covered by Humber-approved travel insurance. See procedure for details.

5.2 It is the responsibility of the employee or student to become familiar with the type of Humber-provided insurance coverage and its limits.

5.3 If the employee or student decides they require additional insurance, they will be responsible for any additional costs.


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Humber Expense Reimbursement Policy

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Humber Approved Learning Out-of-Province (HALO) Registry

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