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The CICE program at Humber College is designed to provide adults labelled with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to experience college life, develop enhanced independence, and connect with like-minded individuals. The program is the first of its kind in Ontario and a leader in building collaborative, inclusive communities that support and promote experiential and transformative learning.

An eight-episode podcast series named “The CICE Team” was created in 2020 by nine CICE students as part of the larger project called Accessibility as Aesthetic: Three Films and a Podcast. All of the podcasters were part of the Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) opens in new window program at Humber College and they chose podcasting because they could tell their stories in their own way, that could be easily shared with others.

Developing an Understanding

The “CICE Team” podcast involved CICE students and facilitators learning from each other. Humber College Media Foundation (2018) and Broadcast Television and Videography (BRTV) (2020) program graduate Jacob Berc shared information about how to use the recording equipment, the facilitators shared information about what a podcast is and the different parts of a podcast, and the CICE students shared their ideas and stories and decided what should be included in their podcast.

Between February and April 2020, CICE students participated in three podcast recording sessions at Humber College. In the first session, students were invited to draw a self-portrait and write and record a short description of themselves. Using markers and paper, the students began to draw and write and described themselves in many creative ways. For example, one podcaster said he “looked like a mountain.” They also collectively brainstormed potential ideas and themes for the podcast series.

The next two recording sessions took place in a recording studio with Berc and Film and Television (FMTV) student Cody Bennett recording both video and audio. The CICE students were introduced to the recording tools and used them to interview each other on several topics also and came up with a name and a logo for the podcast (The CICE Team).

In April 2020, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the fourth session was recorded on Zoom with the students.

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The CICE Team Podcast Episodes

Here are the eight episodes with introductions written by members of the CICE Team

Episode 1 – Biographies

CICE Podcast Episode 1 Art

Introduction in this episode of our CICE Team podcast we will be discussing the biography of each member of this Podcast.

Episode 2 – Portraits

CICE Podcast Episode 2 Art

Self Portrait on our last discussion we introduced ourselves one by one so that you the audience would know our names now in this episode of the podcast we will describe ourselves to you for you to know more about us.

Episode 3 – Podcast Name

CICE Podcast Episode 3 Art

Naming the Podcast on our first episode of the podcast we called ourselves the CICE Team it was named that way because all of us in this podcast is/was a student of Humber College which studied under the Community Integration through Coopperative Education program that's why we called it the CICE Team Podcast.

Episode 4 – Logo

CICE Podcast Episode 4 Art

Designing the Logo in our last discussion we discussed about the name of our podcast and how it was named that way in this episode the team and I will be discussing our process on how we each Design a logo for the Podcast and our design elements to it.

Episode 5 – Fuzzy Mouse

CICE Podcast Episode 5 Art

In this episode of the podcast we talked more about the different equipment that goes into making a podcast.

Episode 6 – Interviews

CICE Podcast Episode 6 Art

In this episode of the podcast we tried and do one on one interviews with each other.

Episode 7 – Song

CICE Podcast Episode 7 Art

In this episode we tried to say our names with a tune and also Saying or Singing the Name of the Podcast and also making instrument noises.

Episode 8 – Reflection

CICE Podcast Episode 8 Art

In this Episode of the podcast we do some reflecting on how we made the podcast and how we felt while doing it.

CICE Podcast Episode 9 Art

Episode 9: Story Reading

Yhasmina Garcia Martinez edited this episode which was recorded on Zoom. Two CICE Team participants share their love for story writing.

Arts in Society Conference logo

Arts in Society Conference Presentation

Researchers Cody Bennett, Jennifer Chatsick, Kim Collins, Chelsea Jones, and Anne Zbitnew recorded an episode on Zoom about their experience working on the project for presentation at the Arts in Society Conference, 2020, Voices from the Edge: Negotiating the Local in the Global – Online (Perth, Australia).

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Cody Bennett Project Reflections

Humber Media Foundation and Film and Television (FMTV) graduate Cody Bennett was a key member of the “The CICE Team” project as a researcher, observer, facilitator, participant, and camera person. In this excerpt from his field notes, Cody introduces himself, talks about his own experience with access and inclusion as a filmmaker and ally, and shares some of his observations and personal experiences while working on the project.