Pest control concerns should first be addressed to the Residence Front Desk:

Bed Bugs

At Humber Residences, all mattresses are enclosed in a sealed encasement. Students must not remove this. All rooms are also inspected on a regular basis by certified K9 teams.

If you suspect bed bugs:

  1. Immediately report the concern to the Front Desk Staff.   
  2. The Residence Operations Coordinator or Operations Assistant will meet with the residents affected to review the following information (typically within 24 hours):
    • Bed bugs are not a health threat and have not been shown to spread disease
    • Residents are advised to see Humber Health Services for an assessment and treatment (itching or irritation associated with bug bites)
    • Advise the resident that their co-operation is imperative in  being able to successfully eradicate the problem and control it from spreading
    • Within 2 business days, a certified Pest Control Technician will inspect the room and begin treatments
    • Residence Operations Coordinator will meet with the adjoining occupants and arrange inspection to ensure the problem is limited to the reported area
  3. The Residence Operations Coordinator or Operations Assistant, will provide a specific  vacuum so that you can vacuum the infested area.  This includes, bed frame, mattress, floors, sides and corners of the room, and any closet space.  Return the vacuum to the Front Desk so that we can dispose of the bag immediately.   
  4. Bed bugs cannot easily climb polished surfaces and cannot fly or jump. You can place some tape along the bottom of the beds to prevent them from climbing.    

Student Responsibility

  1. Report a bed bug concern as soon as possible.
  3. Do not remove the sealed mattress encasement from your bed. It acts as a barrier and keeps bedbugs out of the mattress.
  4. Clean up clothes and general clutter from around room.
  5. If we are going to inspect your room, please ensure that the sheets that were on your bed are available for the technician to see as part of the inspection.
  6. After the Pest Control Technician inspects your room, if bed bugs are confirmed:
    • We will provide the occupant  with a vacuum so that you can vaccuum affected areas. When the occupant is done, the housekeeping co-ordinator must be contacted immediately so that they can remove the bag.
    • The occupant must place all bedding in a large plastic bag – which we will provide.Tie off the bag and take all bedding and take to the laundry room.Put bedding in a dryer at high temperature. Do not put them back on the bed until the room has been treated.
    • Put all personal clothing in large plastic bags and put in dryer.The dryer should be on hot for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.NOTE: A laundry card will be made available at no cost to the resident for the time taken to eradicate the bed bug infestation.  Laundered items should be kept in sealed (tied) plastic bags until the treatment has been completed and only opened to retrieve clothing as needed. It should immediately be sealed again once clothing has been retrieved).
    • The occupant can bring cleaned bagged items down to the front desk for storage while treatment is being performed.
    • The Pest Control Technician will treat the room.The occupant will vacate the room for the necessary time to complete treatment (approximately 4 hours). 
    • Do not vacuum the areas which have been treated or you will eradicate the treatment.Vaccuuming should not occur until just before a second treatment if required.

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Action: Pest Control Techician

  1. The Pest Control Technician will investigate the report of possible bed bug infestation within 24-48 hours of the complaint. Rooms in the immediate area will also be inspected, then treatment will proceed.
  2. Treatment will be done using residuals registered for control of bed bugs.  A steamer may be used where an unprotected mattress needs to be treated. 
  3. Often a second or third treatment will be performed based on the assessment and recommendation of our Pest Control contractor.