All Residents requesting a room transfer must first meet with their Residence Life Coordinator. As space is limited in Residence, we want to ensure the reasons for moving are urgent and necessary.

Room transfers will not be considered prior to Thanksgiving in October for students who moved in at the beginning of the Academic Year. For students who have moved in for the January intake, room transfers will not be considered until after Feb. 14th each year.

The Process:

  1. The Resident meets with their RA to discuss the reason for the move. That may escalate to meeting with the RLC. Before a transfer is approved, all avenues will be explored to solve the problem.
  2. The Resident must have their account updated with no outstanding charges.
  3. The Residence Life Coordinator reserves the right to deny room transfers.
  4. If a transfer is approved, the Resident will pay a $100.00 room transfer fee.