Moving Out:

You are required to move-out of residence 24 hours after your last exam or by the residence closing date, whichever comes first. Please check the Important Dates for the current residence closing date.

Moving out early:

If you are currently living in residence and wish to withdraw early you MUST complete a WITHDRAWAL FORM.


  1. Please complete a withdrawal form: Click here.
  2. Ensure all of your outstanding fines and fees are paid through myhumber.
  3. Carefully read the move-out procedure email.
  4. Clean your room to avoid a cleaning fine, (we have cleaning supplies at the Front Desk) and ensure that your furniture has been moved back to its original position.


  1. Collect any packages or mail from Front Desk before you move out.
  2. We do not forward any mail so update anyone sending you mail with your new address.
  3. Change your address on myhumber.
  4. Notify Rogers and return their equipment—we do not do this for you.
  5. Did you rent a fridge? Please click here for Coldex Pick up information. You must complete the form attached and place it on top of your rental refrigerator for it to be picked up. Please ensure that your fridge is defrosted, clean and dry prior to move out.


  1. Complete your withdrawal form online at This is for your forwarding address for future correspondence with Humber and for any refunds.  COMPLETE ASAP.
  2. SAVE a $25-$250 charge- Make sure your room is clean and in good condition. Cleaning charges start at $25 and may go up as high as $250.     
  3. SAVE a $50+ charge- Remove any furniture, books, clothes, belongings; anything left behind can be chargeable. These can also be donated at the R and T front desks bins. Cans of food can be donated to our Food Drive – bins are located at the R and T front desks. Minimum $50 dumping fee
  4. SAVE a $25-$100 charge - Clean your bulletin board outside your room, the door to your room and your window. There are additional charges for graffiti. Empty your garbage and recycling.
  5. SAVE a $50+ charge - Put your furniture back to the original position or there are charges for having to move your furniture back (Please refer to our building styles for original layout).  For R & S BEDS – ensure your bed is resting on the 4th or 5th rung from the TOP ONLY (chargeable). $50 charge per piece of furniture
  6. SAVE a $25+ charge - Hand in your Residence Card/Dining Plan card to the front desk.  We do not accept these AFTER you have moved out. $25 charge 
  7. Get Rogers to pick up your cable converter – we do not arrange this for you and they cannot be left at the front desk (they will charge you a substantial fee if you do not return it).
  8. Cancel any subscriptions. Arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. We do not forward mail.