Guest restrictions may be in place due to COVID-19. Please visit: for more information.


The guest policy is to assist with the safety and security of all members of the community.

  1. Residents must register all guests at the Front Desk. Valid photo identification, excluding Health Cards and SIN numbers, must be presented when registering as a guest and for every visit thereafter.
    Note: Original identification documents must be present; we cannot accept photos or photocopies as valid forms of ID.
  2. Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guest at all times. If a guest violates a policy, the resident will be held responsible as though the resident violated that policy.
  3. A Resident may only sign in 2 registered guests at a time.
  4. A Resident can host one (1) overnight guest in a night.
  5. A Resident may sign in a guest for a maximum of three consecutive nights.
  6. A guest may not stay overnight more than 9 nights in a month.
  7. Residents must accompany their guest(s) at all times and must not leave their guest in their room unaccompanied.
  8. Residents must ensure that the guest(s) they are hosting follow the Residence Code of Conduct.
  9. Residence Staff reserves the right to restrict the number of guests allowed to be signed in by a Resident during certain times of the year.

Guest Policy Restrictions

  • During Orientation Week, no guests may be signed in, with the exception of parents, friends, and family members who may temporarily enter the Residence to help Residents with their move.
  • Only one guest per resident will be permitted after 5pm on dates surrounding St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween.
  • IGNITE Gala - no guests are allowed to be signed in.

Residence Staff will attempt to post notification about changes to the Guest Policy two weeks prior to the date of restriction. However, it may be necessary for Residence Staff to restrict guest registration without prior posted notice should there be extenuating circumstances or a concern for the safety and security of our residents.