2022-23 Application and Fee Dates:

  • $500 Deposit to Confirm a Room Offer
    • Up to and including July 24, 2022 room offers made are valid for 48 hours
    • On or after July 25, 2022, room offers are valid for 24 hours
  • Application Deposit Refund Deadline
    • Cancellations must be received by 4:00pm EST on June 8, 2022  
  • Residence Payment Deadlines
    • First residence installment is due July 25, 2022 (includes Fall only applicants)
    • Second residence installment is due November 28, 2022 (includes Winter only applicants)
    • First year Guelph-Humber residents only: your deposit AND first residence installment are due together by July 25, 2022

Other Important Dates:



February 22, 2022

Academic Year 2022-23 residence applications open

March 2022

Summer 2022 applications open

April 24, 2022

Last day for University of Guelph-Humber Residents to move out by 12:00p.m. (current residents)

April 25, 2022

Last day for Humber Residents to move out by 12:00p.m. (current residents)

June 8, 2022

Deadline to cancel Residence Academic Year 2022-23 application and receive $500 deposit refund

July 25, 2022

First installment of Residence Fees due
Deadline to submit Humber Provincial Aid Installment Form

August 28, 2022

First day of Move In Week for First Year Residents

September 2, 2022

Returning residents may begin to move in

November 28, 2022

Second installment of Residence Fees due

December 19, 2022

First day of the Mid-Year Break
Last day for Residents to leave for the Mid-Year Break by 12:00p.m.
Move Out Day for one semester Residents

January 7, 2023

Residence re-opens after Mid-Year Break at 10:00a.m.
Move In Day for Winter Only Residents

April 24, 2023

Last day of Academic Year 2022-23 Residence operations
All Residents must move out by 12:00p.m. noon

Chartwells Bursary *Applications for residence bursaries are typically in October and February.