Interested in becoming a Residence Life Staff member?

Applications are currently open for Residence Life Orientation Lead roles. You are welcome to use the link below to apply and if we have vacancies or need to expand the waitlist, we may reach out.

Once you settle into your first year in residence, you might want to consider applying for a Residence Life Staff position for the following year.

As an RLS staff member, you will acquire skills and experience in:

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Crisis & Emergency Response
  • Program/Event Development & More!

Interested individuals should prepare their resumes, and consider attending a hiring info session in January 2023. You can also find out more information about the RLS Hiring Process and Important Dates through here.

Positions are CCR Certified!
Positions are CCR Certified!

Residence Life Positions

The Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RA) are trained student leaders who are responsible for a floor within the residence. RAs provide a supportive mentor-like role within their communities while working to ensure residents feel safe and secure in their new homes.

Full Position Description

The Residence Community Assistants 

The Residence Community Assistants (RCAs) are senior students that are expected to act as mentors and offer support to the Residence Life Coordinator, as well as to the Resident Assistant staff.

Full Position Description

Residence Life Orientation Lead

The Residence Life Orientation Lead (RLOL) is a senior student role with a focus on the Residence Orientation program. 

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The Residence Life Coordinators

The Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) are full time live-in staff members responsible for supervising Residence LIfe Staff, and coordinating various aspects of the Residence Life program.

The Manager of Residence Life

The Manager of Residence Life is a full time staff responsible for overseeing the full Residence Life Program and staff.