2020 League Innovation of the Year Winner

Congratulations to SieuMoi Ly and Mary Lee on being awarded the League 2020 Innovation of the Year Award for their project, "Dispute Resolution Clinic."

In January 2019, a student led Dispute Resolution Clinic (DRC) was launched under the leadership of the IGNITE student government Services Director, SieuMoi Ly, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program Coordinator, Mary Lee. Inspiration for the on-campus DRC was taken from the community Dispute Resolution Clinic, which was launched in 2013 in partnership with St. Stephen’s Community House. The ADR students provided free conflict coaching and mediation services to residents in the Etobicoke area. Drawing from this experience, the services in the on-campus DRC began with supporting students experiencing personal conflicts to issues between tenants and landlords. The DRC service has enabled support for students navigating interpersonal conflicts including group-project conflicts, cultural conflicts, and even relationship conflicts. The DRC services established a foothold of successful services that enabled the expansion of service offering in coordination with the Humber Student Registrar's office with a focus on Academic Appeal process support. The DRC also offers a unique opportunity for students in the ADR graduate program to apply their knowledge with real world experiences by providing conflict coaching, mediation and academic appeal guidance support to students in need for their field placement. The valuable service of the DRC continues to enable students' overall academic success by providing them with life skills to navigate what are sometimes emotionally charged situations, and helping students with the transition to a higher learning environment.

Thank you SieuMoi and Mary for your dedication in creating an innovative and engaging learning environment for students and your commitment to student wellness!