2021 Humber Innovation of the Year Winners

Congratulations to Bianca DiPietro, Samantha Araza, George Paravantes, Asma Arslan, Scott Fielder, Sean Doyle, Robert Blain, Cynthia Young, Paul Neale, David Neumann, Umer Noor, Cory Avery, Sarah English, Leanna Palmer, Heather Lowry, Vishaal Bedi, Terry Posthumus, Kevin Brandon, Bernie Monette, Mark Karam, Kristopher Ohlendorf, Adam Thomas and the FMCA team on being awarded the Humber Innovation of the Year Award 2021 for their project, "Playdays."

Founded in Fall 2019, Playdays is a week-long event held during the semester in lieu of regularly scheduled classes that allows students and professors the opportunity to engage in alternative modes of learning, application, experimentation, creativity, innovation, and of course, fun!

The theme of "play" comes from the understanding that engaging, curiosity-driven experiences can lead to deeper learning and more meaningful experiences, and that “play” is the foundation of how humans explore the world, building new skills and understanding. Playdays offers students in the Interaction Design cluster of programs the opportunity to break out of usually scheduled classes to explore other topics in a multidisciplinary, student-centric format.

There are four types of Playdays sessions: Play, Jam, Hack and Fun. Students who participate in nine hours of activities during Playdays will earn 5% of their grade in each of their core courses. Playdays are built into the curriculum to offer these opportunities to our students, and to encourage students to choose topics that might not seem directly related to their program of study.

Thank you all for your dedication in creating an innovative and engaging learning experience for students!