2021 League Innovation of the Year Winners

Congratulations to Kate Zhang, Colleen Ball, Brendan McLellan, Sandeep Bhargava, Anthony VanHoy, Amir Tavangar, Joshua Emmanuel, Bryan Nasim, Adel Nagaria and Bruce MacMillan on being awarded the League Innovation of the Year Award 2021 for their project, “Implementation of Humber’s Own Instance of IMathAS-Open Assessment System."

Internet Mathematics Assessment System (IMathAS) is a free, web-based assessment, homework system and Learning Management System. This innovative tool was initially introduced to the department in early 2020 after successful pilots the previous semesters. The Math department has since adopted IMathAS in nearly all its courses. The IMathAS testing engine allows for creation of randomized questions, which in turn discourage/minimize cases of academic misconduct. Options such as embedded videos, multiple attempts and live polls provide the opportunity for formative feedback. The questions can be added to a shared library accessible to educators world-wide through a Creative Commons license.

The initial adoption utilized MyOpenMath (MOM), an instance of IMathAS that is hosted in the United States through seeking legal advice related to data privacy and use. After successfully utilizing this platform for few semesters and the team was inspired to host Humber’s own instance of the platform. Humber’s ITS team and Math department have worked collaboratively and tirelessly to develop Humber’s own instance of IMathAS, managed by Humber and hosted on Canadian soil. Humber’s own instance went live in January 2021 and is being piloted in several courses with great success. The plan is to transition all MyOpenMath courses to Humber’s own instance of IMathAS (https://imathas.humber.ca) in Spring 2021.

Thank you all for your dedication in creating an innovative and engaging learning experience for students!