Academic Bargaining Update

To the Humber community,

Further to the December 7th academic bargaining update, effective Monday December 13th the CEC will introduce terms and conditions of employment for Academic bargaining unit members. These changes will positively impact members.

Humber is actively working across the college to implement these changes. Changes are as follows:

  • Maximum annual wage increase, retroactive to October 1st 2021, as currently allowed under Bill 124.
  • Medical cannabis coverage prescribed by a licensed physician to a maximum of $4000/year, subject to prior authorization by the insurer.
  • Permit Indigenous teachers to bring an elder or traditional knowledge keeper to the WMG as an advisor.
  • Permit Indigenous employees to bring an elder or traditional knowledge keeper to grievance meetings as an advisor.
  • Coordinator duties will be reduced in writing before an employee accepts a coordinator-ship. Such acceptance will remain voluntary.
  • Update the counsellor class definition.

Partial Load

  • Partial Load employees will accrue service for statutory Holidays on which they were scheduled to teach.
  • Partial Load registration date change from October 30th to April 30th.
  • Extend Partial Load registration preference to courses which a partial load employee taught while part-time or sessional.
  • Partial Load priority will continue for a course even if the course code changes, unless there has been a major revision of the course or curriculum.

More information will follow as changes are implemented.