Capital Projects Update - What's New

During the past year, the Capital Development & Facilities Management (CDFM) team has continued retrofitting, refurbishing and re-visioning campus properties for enhanced end-user experience while increasing user comfort through innovative and sustainable energy efficiency methodologies.

Our retrofitting projects include the award winning NX Building where the original aluminum curtain walls and spandrel panels, as well as a glass vestibule were replaced to achieve the thermal energy performance requirements of CaGBC’s new Zero Carbon Building Standard.

Refurbishing projects include the Faculty of Business offices and open lab H205, designed to “bring the outdoors In” by creating soothing and calming areas for the students with sky, plant, glacier and earth inspired curves, colors, textures and spacing.

Similar to the award winning North Campus Barrett CTI, our new capital project development at the Lakeshore campus, the Humber Cultural Hub (HCH) is being designed to revitalize culture, creativity and community while achieving LEED Platinum certification, Net Zero Carbon targets, the lowest energy consumption of any building on either campus and the Toronto Green Standard.

Please visit us at or view a presentation we’ve prepared for you to see both recently completed and current ongoing projects. We hope the flythrough’ s included help create an in-person perspective of some of these exceptional and refreshed spaces.