Friendly Competition with Seneca College: Phishing Awareness Game

As part of #CyberMonth2022, the HSPP REEL Big Phishing Trainer game returns for a second season. Once again, through the Humber and Seneca partnership program (HSPP), our colleges have collaborated to develop an interactive awareness game. This season of the game reinforces our learning objectives of the previous season, identifying phishing emails through red flags that are commonly seen in phishing attempts. In addition to identifying phishing emails, additional security best practices have been incorporated to exercise your overall security awareness.

In addition to being fun, interactive, and a great learning experience, the game also features a Humber Vs. Seneca leaderboard, which will allow for friendly competition. You will have the opportunity to play the game as many times as you would like, improving your score and increasing Humber's chances of being this years’ winner.

Our colleagues at Seneca were the victors of season 1, we hope that Humber's competitive spirit will see our community be victorious this season.

To get started, please go to to play the game today!

Finally, and most importantly, win prizes!

As a small token of our appreciation of your continued support of our cybersecurity initiatives, weekly raffles prizes will be made available. You can earn raffle entries each week for completing and participating in the game and our other initiatives - the more you participate, the more entries you can earn. During the final week, a grand prize will be drawn, and all your accumulated raffle entries you have accumulated throughout the month will be eligible.

Note: Please play the game to enter this week’s raffle draw and also a chance to win the grand prize.

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