HRMS Knowledge Base – Available Now

As you all know, we are only one-week away from Go-Live of the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It will Go-Live on August 5, 2019!

In a previous communiqué, we shared a short video which highlighted the benefits of Guided Learning and how it will simplify the learning for you. Guided Learning will accelerate your understanding of the new system as you learn by performing actions within the system.

While we have created a lot of helpful Guided Learning flows to train you as you navigate through the new system, there are still some activities within the HRMS that require more detailed knowledge, which cannot be supported through Guided Learning.

To provide you with that additional knowledge, today we are excited to launch the HRMS Knowledge Base, also known as the HRMS KB. This is a one-stop repository and learning resource that houses content that support various roles to execute HR related functions on the HRMS. This self-service KB provides you with an online library of content such as webinars, job aids, short videos, forms and other resources, to support you (end users) in building your knowledge and in executing actions on the HRMS. The KB is structured for users, such as yourself, to have the ability to access learning content anywhere and at any time that is convenient to your schedule.

Check out our HRMS KB today by visiting the HR website at and clicking on the HRMS Knowledge Base icon.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming communiqué announcements where we will be sharing more details with you regarding new functionalities within the HRMS, upcoming events, important dates and training sessions.



Have you missed our previous announcements?
Don’t know what the HRMS is?

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS), is a new Human Capital Management fully integrated, cloud based system that will replace Humber's existing legacy system. The new HRMS will serve as a central source of information for all HR related processes and programs, making it accessible to staff, faculty and other stakeholders through their computer, on or off campus.

Once deployed, the new HRMS provides access to core HR functions, based on your profile as a manager or an employee. Some functionality includes:

  • Entering and tracking attendance
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Entering and approving time
  • Talent management (Which includes Recruitment)
  • And much more!

This would allow HR to:

  • Become Better business partners to faculties and departments
  • Deliver real-time data & information that will improve decision-making
  • Have enhanced reporting capability
  • Streamline processes to enable faster transactions

For managers and employees, the direct access functionality will become the new way of interacting with HR giving you the flexibility, autonomy and a sense of ownership for a better overall manager and employee experience.     

As we get ready to Go-Live all impacted stakeholders will be receiving training information to ensure that the transition to the new HRMS is easy and seamless.

To find out more about the HRMS, contact the HRMS Change Management Team at