The HRMS will be Launching on August 5, 2019

Earlier this month, we announced that HRMS will be coming soon, via our weekly communiqué series.

After some final tweaking and ensuring we get it just right, we are ready to announce that the HRMS project will go-live on August 5, 2019!

A special message from our project sponsors, Lori Diduch and Scott Briggs, will be coming out soon where they will share their thoughts related to the project including the rationale behind the new go-live date.

Keep a lookout for our upcoming communiqué announcements where we will be sharing more details with you regarding new functionalities within HRMS, upcoming events, important dates and training sessions.



Have you missed our previous announcements?  
Don’t know what HRMS is?

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS), is a new Human Capital Management fully integrated, cloud based system that will replace Humber's existing legacy system. The new HRMS will serve as a central source of information for all HR related processes and programs, making it accessible to staff, faculty and other stakeholders through their computer, on or off campus.

Once deployed, the new HRMS provides access to core HR functions, based on your profile as a manager or an employee. Some functionality includes:

  • Entering and tracking attendance
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Entering and approving time
  • Talent management (Which includes Recruitment)
  • And much more!

This would allow HR to:

  • Become Better business partners to faculties and departments
  • Deliver real-time data & information that will improve decision-making
  • Have enhanced reporting capability
  • Streamline processes to enable faster transactions

For managers and employees, the direct access functionality will become the new way of interacting with HR giving you the flexibility, autonomy and a sense of ownership for a better overall manager and employee experience.     

As we get ready to ‘Go-Live’ all impacted stakeholders will be receiving training information to ensure that the transition to the new HRMS is easy and seamless.

To find out more about the HRMS, contact the HRMS Change Management Team at