Humber College 2021 Employment Equity Report

Humber College is committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Employment Equity Act was passed in 1986. Recognizing that "systemic discrimination" was responsible for most of the inequality found in employment, the Abella Royal Commission on Equality in Employment outlined a systemic response and chose the term "Employment Equity" to describe the process.

The Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion (Centre) invites all full-time and non-full-time employees to complete the Employment Equity Questionnaire (EEQ). The information that you provide in the EEQ is kept confidential and only reported in aggregate form for Employment Equity purposes. In other words, the reported data does not contain any personal identification.

The Centre invites the Humber Community to read the 2021 Employment Equity Report. Deep thanks to all employees who have completed the EEQ. Having up-to-date knowledge of our workforce representation will allow the College to identify where underrepresentation exists, and to target its efforts toward removing barriers that may exist in the College’s employment systems.

All full-time and non-full-time employees are encouraged to complete the EEQ. Employees are also welcome to update their responses, as needed, to the EEQ. Please note - the completion of Humber’s Employment Equity Questionnaire is voluntary.

Please visit the Centre's website to learn more about Humber’s Employment Equity Program (EEP) and to access Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the EEP.

The Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion thanks you for helping to build a more inclusive Humber.