Humber Insights

On March 31, 2020, Humber surveyed its students to assess how COVID-19 was impacting them. Students reported high stress related to:

  • The loss of employment;
  • The ability to pay for food and housing; and
  • The ability to continue in academic programs while providing childcare or other family support.

International students and those older than 25 years were disproportionately affected. This research finding is consistent with college’s and Ignite’s Emergency Financial Relief Fund awards disbursed in the winter and summer of 2020, which saw proportionately more of this population receive funding to meet basic needs than their domestic counterparts and those younger than 25 years.

A previous study of the impact of Humber’s financial aid program on student success found that financial assistance positively affected retention, and students who received financial aid had higher GPAs than those that did not.

The analysis is available in this new one page brief. For more information, please contact Abhinandhan Raghu.

This publication is the latest in IPA’s Insights series which supports institutional data literacy and the establishment of a common understanding about important institutional issues and topics related to Humber’s strategic priorities.