Humber's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Definitions

The Humber community has collaboratively developed the definitions for the terms Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the College. The Centre for Human Rights, Equity & Diversity would like to thank the Humber community for their input over the years as the definitions have been updated.

As these are "living" words with definitions that are constantly evolving, we are inviting everyone once again to review the definitions below and provide feedback. Kindly send your feedback to by Tuesday, January 21, 2020. We thank you for your participation with this process.

The definitions for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for review are:

Equity: refers to the intentional and systemic approach to remove historic and current barriers for equity-seeking groups. Humber applies specific measures and practices to support fair and just outcomes.

Diversity: refers to the social, cultural and political identities of individuals and their different worldviews, knowledges, practices, and experiences. Humber values and respects the contributions of its diverse students and employees that leads to an enriched learning, working and living environment.

Inclusion: refers to the active and intentional engagement of people in all their social, cultural and political identities that contribute to a sense of belonging. At Humber, this engagement is grounded in respect, and all members of the college community are recognized as valued contributors. Inclusion enriches innovation, sustainability and excellence in curricula, research, programs and services.