Important Notice Regarding Your 2019 T4 Tax Forms


Due to the implementation of our new Human Resources Management System (HRMS) in August 2019, many employees will receive more than one T4 form for the 2019 calendar year. T4s will be generated from both the previous payroll system (Empath) and from the new payroll system (HRMS).  All T4 statements will be issued with the legal name that is on file.

If applicable to you, T4(s) will include your earnings from January to July 2019 and the other T4(s) will include your earnings from August 2019 to December 2019

When filing your taxes for the 2019 tax year, you must include earnings from all T4 forms. 

Your T4 form(s) will be uploaded to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website. If you have a personal CRA account, you will be able to login and securely view your tax form details.


Due to the conversion from the previous payroll system to HRMS payroll, plus our standard annual CAAT pension reconciliation process that occurs during the months of February/March, we anticipate a higher than usual number of amended T4 forms that will need to be issued this year.

We anticipate the majority of amended T4 forms to be issued during the month of March. We wanted you to be aware of the unique situation this year as you plan to file your taxes.

If you file your taxes in March, you may need to re-file your taxes as a result of receiving an amended T4. To avoid this possibility, we would suggest delaying the filing of your personal tax return until Monday, April 6. The decision as to when to file your personal tax return is an individual one. 

We recognize this may cause inconveniences to some. We appreciate your understanding, and if you have any questions, please contact our HR Support Centre by:

  1. Calling us at ext. 5001 from a Humber phone line or dial 416.675.5001
  2. Chatting with us at 
  3. Submitting an e-form at

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on the HRMS Knowledge Base for additional T4 tax information.

Thank you.