Promoting Safety: Working with Ladders

Using any kind of ladder (e.g., step ladder, portable ladder, extension ladder, fixed ladder) can pose a significant safety risk. Injuries can result from falling off the ladder, tripping over the ladder, or being struck by materials falling off the ladder. If you are required to use a ladder at work, your manager will ensure that you receive Ladder Safety training to learn about the risks associated with using the ladder and the safety measures to take.  

Consider the following ladder safety tips to keep you safe on the job:

  • Inspect the ladder before each use to ensure it is structurally intact.
  • Ensure the surroundings are clean, the ground is not slippery, and the ladder is on firm, level footing.
  • Always maintain three points of contact with the ladder (two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand).
  • Always face the ladder when climbing up or down and while working. Keep the centre of your body within the side rails and do not overreach from the ladder.

Do not use damaged ladders – take it out of service and report it to your manager.

For further information on ladder safety or training, please speak with your manager or contact Occupational Health and Safety Services at