Regina Hartwick, Associate Dean, Indigenous Education & Engagement

Upon completion of our search, it is my great pleasure to announce Regina Hartwick as the successful candidate to this brand new role, Associate Dean of Indigenous Education & Engagement. I want to thank members of the interview panel for their support, time and involvement. The panel included:

  • Kelly ONeill, Dean, Program Planning, Development and Renewal
  • Vera Beletzan, Senior Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Innovative Learning
  • Lisa Salem-Wiseman, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness

This new role will be reporting to the Dean of Indigenous Education and Engagement, while also working closely with Program Planning, Development and Renewal and the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Regina will be responsible for facilitating awareness within an environment of teamwork to create consistent, open channels of communication in support of educational initiatives that expand and enhance Indigenous programming, methodology, research, practice and delivery. She will work collaboratively to actualize institutional commitments to Indigenous Education, creating opportunities for a breadth of teaching and learning experiences that are integral to the multi-disciplinary learning experience that every Humber student is offered. The Associate Dean promotes innovation, long-term planning, and collaborative relationship building to foster culturally safe, accessible, and welcoming learning environments across all levels of the institution.

A Kichi-Sìbì Anishinàbekwe, Regina Hartwick holds eight years of experience in Indigenous Student Services, nine years of experience teaching within and developing Indigenous Studies courses, and 16 years of combined academic experience in Canadian Studies, Indigenous Studies, Psychology and Social Services. Regina is currently completing her Doctorate in Indigenous Studies at Trent University and is focusing her research on stories of presence that speak not only of dispossession but also of strength and resilience in the face of innumerable odds.

miigwech/Nia:wen/kinanaskomitin/Thank-you, Regina for your hard work you have committed to Humber College over the years and your successful transition into this new role! I look forward to working alongside you as we integrate Indigenous knowledges and ways of being in Humber College.

Regina began this new role as of August 3, 2020.


Jason Seright
Dean, Indigenous Education & Engagement