Reminder: Full-Time Administrative Staff Vacation Carry-Over Exception Deadline

This is a reminder that Administrative employees who wish to apply for a Vacation Carry-Over Exception need to work with their reporting manager to complete the Vacation Carry-Over Exception Form, by June 1 of each year, as it requires information such as; Vacation Carry-Over Details, Reason(s) for Carry-Over Exception, Plan for using Excess Carry-Over Days and Manager’s Recommendation/Comments.

Special COVID-19 Carry-Over Exception Rule:

For any employee whose vacation was cancelled by their manager, during COVID-19 campus closure because they were required to work to assist with maintaining critical business operations, please read this important information:

  • Employees whose vacation was cancelled by their manager due to COVID-19 business needs, will be provided with a special COVID-19 carry-over exception, which will allow them to carry-over those vacation days to the following vacation year without forfeiture.
  • All Vacation Carry-Over Exception Requests must be approved by Employee’s Manager and their Vice-President, and by the Vice-President of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness.

Refer to the Vacation Carry-Over Exception Form for complete details and additional deadlines.

Click here to view the Full-time Administrative Staff Vacation Accrual Summary Document.



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