The HRMS is Now Available!

Sign into HRMS today and reference the Manager & Employee Playbooks, which can be found under the Resources section, to perform your Day 1 actions.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Knowledge Base

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Knowledge Base (KB) Structure

The KB is organized according to learning paths that relate to roles that perform actions on the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). Each learning path contains content on various topics that help roles build their capability and confidence.

Learn by role

There are five (5) roles with available content in the KB from which to learn, they are:  Manager, Delegate, Employee, HR and Candidate. You can access the path for your specific role to start your learning and to access content. Click on one of the buttons below to get started -

Available Now! Webinars on FT & NFT Recruitment, Absence, Benefits, and Time Management. 

Learn by Webinars

‘Learn by Webinars’ includes short pre-recorded webinars that cover important and frequently referenced content that managers and employees can quickly access without having to navigate through individual learning paths.  These webinars are recorded by subject matter experts, who walk you through the actions to be taken for a particular activity.


HRMS Features



Many actions that are executed on paper and through direct face-to-face interaction today, can now be initiated and completed using a communication technology device. There are a lot of actions different roles can take that are now integrated with one system – HRMS



The reliance on HR or others to complete actions or provide information is reduced – You can do it yourself. No waiting, queries and actions can be completed immediately – access at your fingertips