Report Error Solution for Web Program Page Content

In order to make it easier to advise of any errors or changes required to program/course content on the website, we have created a ‘Report Error/Request Change’ functionality to the main page of

On this page you can choose from a number of options depending on your specific question/issue. Once you select the option, your question will be forwarded directly to the person who is responsible for that information or section of content on the website.

This provides a simple solution to reporting errors occurring on program pages of the Humber website and will ensure that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Any Humber staff, who has a Humber email sign-in, can access the HQ system through and report an error. However, we encourage you to first connect with one of the HQ point people from your area (see list below). This will help to keep the lines of communication open in your faculty/area.

Please note that those faculty/business unit staff who have been trained in the Request Change functionality can continue to use this process for “static” content edits.

We hope this will provide a simple solution to reporting errors occurring on program pages of the Humber website.

Please direct questions/comments to Debbie Krulicki of Government Relations, Marketing and Communications.

HQ point people


  • Full-time: Maria Luisa Manganaan
  • CE: Monica McGillvray


  • Full-time: Michelle Krivacic
  • CE: Michael MacDougall


  • Full-time and CE: Natalie St. Pierre


  • Full-time: Wendy Murphy
  • CE: Krista-Gae Jennings


  • Full-time: Cody Loconte
  • CE: Melissa Churly


  • Full-time and CE: Lauren Phillips

Centre for Teaching and Learning

  • Falisha Rowe


  • Valerie Leist

Education and Training Solutions

  • Lisa Tubia


  • Marlyn Meza