Winter/Severe Weather Reminder

To all members of the Humber and University of Guelph-Humber (Humber) community,

As we experience colder temperatures and snow in the coming weeks and into next year, we would like to remind the Humber community about travelling to campus during the winter and college operations during the season.

During the winter season, we are planning to be open each day and to operate as normal. In the event that a college/campus closure is required due to severe weather, an announcement will be posted on, our main Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, and Humber Alert by 6 a.m. for morning classes, and 3:30 p.m. for evening classes, or as soon as possible. Unless a closure notice is posted as above, please consider the college to be open.

One of the criteria for a potential closure is to monitor the weather at the college and determine our ability to maintain the campus. As we expect to have snow and inclement weather, our facilities and campus operations teams are prepared to take actions such as clearing snow and melting ice.

On days with inclement weather, whether you drive to campus or take public transit, please give yourself extra time for your commute and travel according to road conditions.

For students, if you think the roadways near your home or the college are unsafe due to severe ice or snow, please call or email your professor if you decide not to come to class. For employees who think it is unsafe to travel to the college because of severe ice or snow, please call or email your supervisor.

You can sign up to receive notification of Humber campus activity, including closures here.

We will also inform GTA/Orangeville media of a campus or college closure. For Orangeville Campus students and employees, please note that separate announcements will be sent to you, as the weather in Orangeville and Etobicoke is not always the same.

If a closure occurs, students scheduled to be at external organizations for an internship or placement, or for other college related activities, will follow the protocol of the external organization with respect to cancellation of college activities or closure of the facility. It is the student’s responsibility to advise their external placement advisor or supervisor of any situation that prevents them from attending their placement or work.

For more information, please see the weather closure FAQ and Humber’s Unscheduled Closure of Campus Buildings (and severe weather procedure) policy.

We wish you a safe and warm winter season.