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Please always follow the direction(s) of the Humber Athletics Staff. Should you have any questions please ask.  

Proper Equipment Use 

  • If you are unfamiliar with equipment and machines, please ask staff for assistance.
  • Refrain from using weights on cardio machines. 
  • Avoid bouncing, dropping, or slamming all weights. 
  • For the safety of everyone, clips must be used on barbells regardless of weight.
  • Be mindful of other facility members regarding sharing equipment and spaces. 
  • Machines must be used for the specified design.
  • Chalk is not permitted within the North Campus Fitness Centre. 

Equipment Clean Up 

  • Members are required to clean each machine before and after use and dispose of wipes in the trash.
  • Please wipe down and put all equipment away after use. 

Proper Fitness Attire  

  • All patrons must change in a change room. 
  • Street clothes or jeans are not permitted while using fitness areas. 
    • (Proper gym attire including shirts must be worn.) 
  • Dry, closed-toe athletic shoes are required at all times. 
  • Dress shoes, boots, Crocs or open-toed shoes are not permitted. 
  • Please leave all your personal belongings securely locked in a locker. 
  • Gym bags are not permitted on the floor. Bring your own quality lock or purchase one from us. 
    • (Humber College Department of Athletics is not responsible for lost or stolen items.)

General Guidelines  

  • Disruptive or abusive behavior towards staff, other clients, or equipment will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the building(s). 
  • No MMA/sparring without the supervision of a Humber Athletics instructor or personal trainer. 
  • No filming/photography, digital recording or posting material unless approved by Management. 
  • Haircutting is not permitted in any of the Athletics buildings or areas. 
  • Failure to abide by Athletics Policies may lead to suspension of privileges without compensation or refund. 

Fitness Studio Policies 

  • Please refrain from disrupting fitness classes in session. If you need something from the studio, please wait until the class is completed or ask the Customer Service desk staff.
  • For the safety/respect of the instructor and participants, please arrive on time. You may not be allowed to participate at the discretion of the instructor. 
  • Proper fitness attire and athletic shoes must be worn for all fitness classes. 
    • (Bare feet are permitted in certain classes such as yoga or Pilates.) 
  • Please turn off cell phones during classes.
  • All equipment must be wiped down and put away after use. 
  • No MMA/sparring without the supervision of a Humber Athletics instructor or personal trainer. 
  • No filming/photography or posting materials unless approved by management.