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Alumni like you have so much to be proud of. You studied hard to get an education that prepared you for the world of work, to be a member of the community and to make a positive contribution. We are proud of you too, and we want to bring you back to Humber as part of our community to celebrate your achievements and to share your #MyHumberStory with fellow alumni.

Here are some of your stories:

George Monteiro 

George has attended Humber four times over the past 22 years, gaining knowledge and insight into a handful of programs.

Jasmin Robins

From pushing her to step outside of her comfort zone, to providing her with essential connections, Jasmin appreciates all that Humber has done for her.

James Taylor

James credits the success of his online business to the education and experience he received at Humber.

Tae Hislop

Gaining practical experience at Humber, Tae was able to leave with the essential skills she needed in order to be successful.

Alana Walker Carpenter

Alana continues to use the skills she learned at Humber, and cannot think of a better launching pad for her career than her education.

Rodale Dwyer-Hamilton

Rodale attributes the ability to further her education to the strong foundation and continuous support she received at Humber.

Prateek Thapar

Prateek credits his Humber education for providing him with the skills and experience needed for him to become a entrepreneur.

Nathan Hutton

With placement and industry experience at Humber, Nathan felt completely confident to jump into the workplace after graduation.

 Linda Matarasso

Linda’s program surrounded her with people who worked in the industry, allowing her to continue networking upon graduation.

Amrita Singh

As an international student, Amrita attributes her instructors and the many student services at Humber to achieving her goals.