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anna pileggi

Anna Pileggi

Non-Governmental Organization Consultant, Pileggi Consulting
Public Relations, ‘86

A 30-year PR veteran who has long been celebrated in the non-profit sector, Anna’s time at Humber originally prepared her for the rigours of the business world and inspired her to take on a self-motivated approach to higher learning that has truly set her apart.

“The program gave me the fundamental tools I would need in my career – everything from writing to running special events to the absolute basics of communications and media relations,” she says. “It also enabled me to gain the soft skills that employers are looking for, including business etiquette and professionalism in the workplace. Humber allowed me to feel comfortable and capable in my skills, and helped me to become career-ready.”

With a longstanding passion for philanthropy borne of a post-graduate internship, Anna would eventually find herself putting her PR prowess to work for a life-changing cause.

Over 21 years of her celebrated career, Anna served at the Executive Director of AboutFace, a charitable organization supporting individuals with facial differences. Every year in Canada, more than 15,000 babies are born with a facial difference, and over 50,000 Canadians will acquire a facial difference through trauma or illness, which may lead to mental health issues and a lack of social acceptance.

“I may not have had a fundraising background, but Humber prepared me to be a generalist capable of multiple competencies. Combined with my gumption as a PR professional, I was able to help bring the organization out to the community and help shine a light on our members and their stories.”

Anna made it her mission to inspire those in need of support while simultaneously educating others and bringing awareness to the cause. With her team, she garnered widespread support from local news outlets, politicians, professional athletes and celebrity ambassadors like KISS’s Paul Stanley.

Overall, Anna’s message to Humber students and recent graduates is simple: “Be open to the experiences that college provides, and take time to learn about yourself and the world around you. Utilize the resources and people at your fingertips, and make your time count.”