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lorenza fedele

Lorenza Fedele

Lorenza Fedele lives her life by a simple yet powerful motto: “It’s important to do good things.” This mantra was something Lorenza took on from her beloved daughter, Esther (pictured). Esther – an ’81 alumna of Humber’s executive secretary diploma program – was a vibrant, caring young woman who was passionate about helping others. She was also incredibly devoted to her alma mater, as it was her education at Humber that opened up a world of possibilities for her future career. In fact, soon after graduating, she returned to campus to take up a position with the marketing department.

Tragically, Esther passed away in 1984. However, determined to preserve her daughter’s memory and celebrate her life, Lorenza decided to show her support for one of the places closest to Esther’s heart – Humber College.

“Esther was always a generous soul, and after her passing, I knew that the best way to ensure that her name lives on was to give back to students just like her,” Lorenza says. “Education is important, and that’s something that I’ve always tried to instill in my children. This scholarship was a way for me to not only honour Esther’s love for Humber but to make sure that other students have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and get an education as well.”

Lorenza’s tribute donation was used to establish the Esther Fedele Memorial Award, which helps promising graphic design students at Humber access the training they need to be successful in the field. Now a long-time Humber donor of more than 34 years, Lorenza’s own passion for giving back and helping students like Esther is stronger than ever.

“Money isn’t everything, and if we are able to, we should share it with the people who need it most. What’s most important is love.”