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ramesh srinivasan

Ramesh Srinivasan

Ramesh joined Humber almost 19 years ago as professor and program coordinator of the Hospitality Management Diploma program. Since then, his portfolio at Humber has included the Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management and the Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. He also oversees the Wine Program at Humber.

Ramesh has covered a lot of ground and navigated many changes since coming to Canada 33 years ago, but one thing has remained consistent: the values that guide his actions. His value system prioritizes helping others – and it is one that is shared by Humber, he says. Consider how easy Humber makes it to help students in financial need. “You just sign a form, and a small amount comes off each paycheque. It doesn’t affect me in a significant way. It doesn’t put a dent in my financial situation. You don’t have to think about it.”

While Ramesh describes his individual contributions as minor, 10 years of regular donations add up significantly. He recognizes that the magnitude of what accumulated donations can do for a recipient is “beyond the ability to measure… it warms my heart.” That’s why he encourages others to sign up for payroll-based donations – from a sense of happiness and gratitude for what they’ve received along the way.

“We make contributions in the classroom. Helping someone financially who cannot find the resources to pursue something is saying, ‘I want my students to succeed.’ And it’s an endorsement of what I feel about my organization, my employer. I am privileged to have had a great education. I have worked with great organizations across three continents, and Humber has been an amazing institution. It makes me feel good to give back.”