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Jeoff Bull Memorial Scholarship

Jeoff Bull taught at Humber College for almost 15 years, teaching in the General Arts & Science programs when he was first recruited to work with students in the university and college transfer profiles. He assisted them as they transitioned to Humber and inspired in them a love of learning so that they would move on to further post-secondary studies. This is exactly what he did each and every time he walked into a classroom – and as a naturally gifted teacher, he fostered many deep and meaningful relationships with his students.

Jeoff held an honours bachelor of arts degree from McGill University and master’s and doctorate degrees in English Literature from the University of Toronto.

When asked about Jeoff, his former students would talk about the lasting impact that he had on their decisions to continue with their studies and pursue careers in education. As a colleague, many have shared stories and examples of his never-ending generosity, kindness, passion, enthusiasm and wit. He was a mentor to many and someone to whom several seasoned faculty would turn to for advice and support. Over the last few years, many outside of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences also came to know Jeoff because of the leadership role that he assumed chairing the annual Interdisciplinary Conference Committee. While he did not often seek out the spotlight, he was a natural leader who was able to work collaboratively with everyone he met, inspiring excellence at each and every turn. Even at the most trying times, Jeoff always had a smile. He is sorely missed in the faculty and at Humber.

In recognition of Jeoff’s countless contributions, this scholarship has been established in his memory to support Humber students.

Impact of your support

Your gift pays tribute to Jeoff’s life and career by supporting students at Humber who receive the Jeoff Bull Memorial Scholarship. As of 2020, more than $100,000 has been raised and the funds have been endowed, creating a permanent legacy for Jeoff and supporting Humber students in perpetuity. In coming years, the scholarship will generate enough income to support more students annually.