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Humber Arboretum Strategic Plan 2019-2024

Welcome! Join us in transforming the Humber Arboretum by creating our new vision and 5-year plan together! Scroll down this page to learn how you can take part and contribute your ideas.  

Stage One - Fall 2018

Gathering Fuel


Stage Two - Winter 2018/19

Transformation Underway 

Stage Three - Spring 2019

The Launch

Green caterpillar icon

Stage One - Gathering Fuel 

Focus group participants listen to a facilitator

During the fall of 2018 over 200 individuals shared their ideas and opinions about the future of the Humber Arboretum through focus groups, interviews, and an online survey. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this process. We truly value your time and your thoughtful, passionate feedback.

Read the Humber Arboretum Strategic Planning Engagement Report (PDF) for a summary of the process and the feedback received.



A monarch caterpillar climbs up a plant stem

Monarchs spend about two weeks as a caterpillar, just eating and growing. Image courtesy the City of Toronto

Icon of a green chrysalis

Stage Two - Transformation Underway

During the winter of 2018/19, our Strategic Planning Steering Committee will read through the ideas and responses and come up with our top priorities. 

A green chrysalis hangs inside a plastic box

The monarch spends 8-10 days inside its chrysalis, breaking down and rebuilding its own body. Image courtesy the City of Toronto.

A red butterfly icon

Stage Three - The Launch

In the spring of 2019, watch for the Humber Arboretum to announce the results of the strategic planning process and begin taking specific actions to meet the defined goals. Watch for new ways to get involved at the Arboretum and to contribute to the priorities that you helped envision.

A monarch butterfly feeds on aster

As an adult, monarch butterflies feed on - and help pollinate - a wide variety of plants, such as aster.