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The Nature Exchange

(Recurring Event)

Join members of the Humber Arboretum's Nature Education team for casual conversations about all things nature! Whether online or in-person attendees are welcome to take part or just listen in. 

Upcoming Dates and Topics for The Nature Exchange


Wildlife Welfare - IN PERSON!

Wednesday October 4, 2023,  3:00 PM 

For World Animal Day and Toronto Ravine Days, Humber Arboretum staff are hosting the first ever in-person version of The Nature Exchange!

Previously an online-only event, The Nature Exchange is a casual conversation amongst Humber Arboretum staff in which attendees are welcome to just listen in or to contribute their own thoughts.

On October 4th (World Animal Day), we'll be sitting down inside the Centre for Urban Ecology to chat about wildlife welfare and share our thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. We'll be looking at questions like:

- What responsibility do humans have to make the lives of wildlife better?

- If we are going to intervene, should we only try to help when humans have caused harm, or should we be proactive in addressing issues such as wildlife illness, parasites, and natural struggles for survival?

- Are nature documentarians right to take a no-intervention stance when they see wildlife suffering?

- Should government provide support for wildlife rehabilitators?

- What can we as individuals do to improve the welfare of wildlife around us?


How to Attend

This free event is open to all but as space is limited pre-registration is required.

Register on Eventbrite to reserve your spot


Notice of Audio Recording (In-Person)

While there will be no video recordings made of in-person sessions of The Nature Exchange, our staff may make an audio recording of the session to help facilitate a write-up after the fact. Attendees who chose to participate will be asked if they would like to be credited by name or anonymously if they are quoted in the write-up.


Notice of Audio and Video Recording (Virtual)

Please note that virtual versions of The Nature Exchange will be RECORDED and may be shared/archived as audio-only and/or audio and video in an edited version or in its entirety after the live event.

By turning on your camera and/or microphone during the event you are consenting to being part of the recording. 

If you do not want to be part of the recording, please participate through chat only.


A raccoon outside the Centre for Urban Ecology. Text that looks like a handwritten note reads: Theme idea: Urban wildlife!

Themes & Guests

Sometimes there will be a theme or even a special guest listed for a week of The Nature Exchange.

This is a starting off point for the discussion, but the theme is always loose and the Exchange may easily drift off topic. So don't hesitate to attend if you have an off-topic question you'd like to ask or nature story to share.

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