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Academic Connections

The Humber Arboretum is part of the Humber College's Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellness, but students from a variety of programs have the opportunity to make use of the Humber Arboretum's outdoor learning spaces, living labs, horticultural and arboreal collections, and the expertise of its staff. Explore some of the many Humber College courses and programs with ties to the Arboretum.

A boy bends down to pick up a leaf

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Humber's ECE diploma prepares students to work with children and their families in a program that's responsive and inclusive. Nature and outdoor education components involve hands-on learning in the Arboretum's outdoor learning spaces.


Students from Humber's Culinary Skills Certificate and Culinary Management diploma program gain hands-on experience identifying, harvesting, and cooking with herbs, edible flowers, and produce from Humber College's greenhouses and the Humber Food Learning Garden. They also harvest and prepare foods made with maple syrup from the Arboretum's sugar bush and honey from the Arboretum's apiary (beehives).

Applied Sciences & Technology Programs

The idea for the Humber Arboretum began with landscaping and horticultural students looking for a place to practice their skills. This tradition continues with a variety of programs in Humber's Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology using the Arb for everyday learning along with larger student projects. Past projects have included assisting in the constructions of the bedrock outdoor classroom, The Garden of the Rising Moon, the Tranquility Garden, and the Humber Food Learning Garden.

Landscape Technician

Focusing on principles of sustainability, this diploma program teaches landscape design, site construction, horticulture, grounds maintenance, and related technologies. 

Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship

Humber's intensive Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship program stresses practical skills through applied study, which includes ample time spent in the greenhouses and the Humber Arboretum.

Urban Arboriculture - Tree Care

This certificate program offers an introduction to the arborist trade, teaching students how to work safely while keeping trees healthy. The arboretum's extensive collection of native and ornamental trees can really help polish tree ID skills.

Arborist Apprenticeship

For those already employed in the tree care industry, this apprenticeship focuses on the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees in urban settings. Twelve-week basic and advanced sessions are offered.

Sustainable Energy and Building Technology

This diploma program helps develop the skills needed to manage projects in the green economy, with knowledge of energy efficiency, green building practices, renewable energy sources, and sustainable community development. Students have access to the LEED Gold Certified Centre for Urban Ecology, as an example of sustainable design in practice.

plans for tranquility garden program

Behind the Scenes: Redesign the Tranquility Garden Project