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  • A person in workboots plants a shrub

Plants and Gardening -

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Gardening is a great activity for any age, and there's always more to learn. Explore this growing collection of videos and other resources to learn about plants and how to care for them.


Get to Know Plants

Learn about different types of plants and individual plant species.

Videos from the Humber Arboretum:

Plus a backyard garden tour with Lynn Short


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Tree Planting and Care

Planting a tree or shrub is an exciting way to contribute to a long-term garden plan or community restoration effort. Learn how to set your tree or shrub up for early success and care for it throughout its life.

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Composting and Soil Health

Healthy plants and soil need great nutrition, just like us! Learn how to turn your kitchen and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost.

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Native Plant Gardens

Native plants are plants which are naturally occurring in a region, which means they evolved alongside the other organisms that live in or migrate through the area. Native plants can have multiple symbiotic relationships with wildlife, microorganisms, and each other. Choosing to plant native plants in your garden provides much-needed food and shelter to wildlife. Plus, compared to plants brought into an area from other parts of the world, native plants tend to grow deeper roots (which also helps trap more carbon in the soil), need less watering, and are better adjusted to the local climate. 

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Control Invasive Plant Species

Along with planting native plant species, it's also important to control invasive species - plants which are originally from other parts of the world that tend to out-compete native plants without contributing to local ecosystems. But controlling invasives can be tricky, and using the wrong technique can sometimes make the problem worse. Learn leading practices for controlling invasive plant species on your own property or when you're volunteering with conservation efforts.