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Ontario Wildlife -

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From deer to dragonflies, Southern Ontario is home to a wide variety of animal species. Check out videos and webinars, watch live bird cams, play games, download activities, and get to know your wild neighbours. 


Get to Know Ontario Wildlife

Explore wildlife profiles to learn about creatures great and small.

From the Humber Arboretum

Wildlife videos:

Short video clips:

Plus, explore an overview of wildlife that lives at the Humber Arboretum on our website.


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Wildlife Courses and In-Depth Videos

Take a deeper dive into wildlife topics and issues.

  • Made in partnership with the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre, the short documentary The Whimbrel Watchers (above) looks at a local group of dedicated nature-lovers who monitor whimbrel migration through Colonel Samuel Smith Park in South Etobicoke every spring.

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Courses and Webinars

A black and white line drawing of a raccoon for children to colour

Wildlife Games and Activities

Explore wildlife through fun games and at-home activities for all ages.

More Colouring Pages, Activities, and Other Printables

Online Games


Wildlife Web Cams

Watching wildlife is a wonderful past time, but it isn't always possible to spot something outside a nearby window. Live web cams provide another fun way to keep your eye on the natural world from anywhere. Plus, there's no chance that you'll accidentally disturb the wildlife! Use these livestreams to help you practice your identification skills.

Please note that most wildlife web cams are seasonal and even then may only be available for certain hours of the day.

  • Do you miss Cleo, the Red-eared slider who lives in the Centre for Urban Ecology? We don't have a webcam set up for her (yet?), but you can check in on this Southern painted turtle in a home aquarium on
  • The Polar Bear Camera from Polar Bears International also offers a Northern Lights Cam in the off-season
  • Watch the Brown Bear Cam in Alaska
  • Look inside a honey bee hive in Germany

Bird Cameras