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Professional Communication

Micro-credential Overview

The Professional Communication Micro-credential equips learners with a toolbox of effective digital communication strategies and practices that create efficiency and build trust in the workplace. Participants learn to be “conscious communicators” by understanding their audience, choosing the right channel for a message, writing with clarity, reading carefully, meeting with purpose, and making space for differences.

Length: 16 hours

Competency Achieved

Learners will receive a digital badge upon successful course completion.

Successful completion of the Professional Communication micro-credential demonstrates the earner can communicate with intention and effectiveness when using common workplace mediums.

Professional Communication micro-credential digital badge

Module 1:
Powerful Presentations

  • Develop a structured story for a particular audience and purpose
  • Demonstrate consistent and considered basic visual literacy
  • Deliver a 5-10 minute oral presentation with clarity and pacing

Module 2:
Effective Email and Chat Messages

  • Choose the appropriate medium for a message
  • Consider who needs to be included and in which category (to, cc, bcc)
  • Create a clear subject line
  • Use appropriate language, tone and signature for intended audience
  • Apply basic visual literacy skills to create a scannable message
  • Use if/then statement(s) to provide clarity on next steps

Module 3:
Productive Meetings

  • Convey a clear purpose for gathering
  • Develop an agenda that realizes the meeting’s goal(s)
  • Communicate attendee roles and responsibilities

Module 4:
Inclusive Communication

  • Demonstrate awareness of diversity and inclusion through intentional selection of imagery and wording
  • Plan opportunities for inclusive participation in presentations, emails and meetings
  • Adjust digital body language to communicate across differences in gender, generation, and culture

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